The aim of the game in JetX is to take off from the ground and let your jet fly into the sky as the bet multiplier grows in size. The higher the jet flies without exploding, the more your potential payout and profit increases. If you fail to hit the Cash Out button before the jet explodes, you lose your bet. In the demo version you can do all this, but without betting real money, which gives you a good opportunity to practise your skills before you decide to start betting for real.

Features of JetX in demo mode

  • Ability to play the game and withdraw when you think it's best.
  • Ability to practise placing a bet (not real) to see what your winnings might look like.
  • Same graphics as in the regular game.

Advantages of the JetX demo game

  • You get the chance to learn the game from the start, including all the rules. Everything is completely free and gives you a better understanding of the game's features.
  • You don't risk losing any money because the demo version is completely free to play.
  • You have as much fun as if you were playing the regular variant where you place real bets.

Disadvantages of the JetX demo game

  • You can't play for money which means you won't get any winnings from the game.
  • Playing the demo version can get boring in the long run because it is not the real game.