JetX is a game that is largely about chance taking, and it has become extremely popular in recent years thanks to the fact that it is a game where you can play with cryptocurrency and then get a big return for your money. More and more people are simply seeing the possibilities of playing this way to get quick results and quick withdrawals of the winnings you get in the game.

Advantages and disadvantages JetX

Advantages Disadvantages
✔️ You can make money relatively quickly with JetX game ❌ Can be addictive
✔️ It is an exciting game every time ❌ It costs money to play at JetX casino
✔️ You get to test your skills and see if you get lucky ❌ Not suitable for all kinds of players
✔️ It is easy to learn
✔️ You can play on a budget

Features of the JetX slot

The main thing that makes JetX different from other games of this kind is the opportunity each player has to win big with a relatively small investment. The game is fast-paced and you can place bets as soon as the plane takes off, totalling two or more bets per round. This gives you unique advantages if you want to optimise your chances of winning.

Design and technical specifications of JetX

JetX is a game made with a blue background and a yellow, black and grey aircraft. The multiplier feature is in green in the form of numbers. You enter the bet you want to place in the "rate" field in the centre of the page at the bottom. There are also plus and minus signs so you can adjust your bet. The red button you find right next to it will make you leave the game. Once the game starts, you can use the green button to lock in your winnings as the multiplier report starts to count.

How to play the JetX game

At the top of the screen in front of you, the player sees a runway where a jet is about to take off from the ground. Players can place bets from $0.1 - $600 per round before the aircraft finally leaves the ground. For the sake of simplicity, you can call the aircraft a multiplier curve. When the game starts, the multiplier curve itself will be at 1x.

The curve will then increase by 1.2x per second until it reaches 4x. It then drops back to 1x. If the player bets on the aircraft when it reaches 4x, the player wins their bet multiplied by four times. If the aircraft crashes before 4x, the player loses the bet instead.

How to bet in the JetX game

You start by creating an account so you can play JetX. Then you use the buttons at the bottom of the screen to place a bet. Note that the aircraft departs at very regular intervals so you don't risk missing any. It is possible to place two bets per game when you choose to play and you can bet from 0.1 - 300 Euros.

Betting history at JetX

You can find your betting history on my pages in the JetX game. This is useful to keep track of because it can make it easier for you to work out the statistical possibilities of different outcomes. You can then make better decisions for your next rounds of bets that you place in the game. It is simply a way for you to optimise your chances of winning in the game as often as possible.

Internal chat

There is an internal chat when playing JetX and this is important to know for a number of reasons. First of all, you can get quick help if you have any questions or problems of any kind. The second reason is that you can interact with others which makes playing JetX on your digital device a more enjoyable experience. You can find the chat at the bottom of your screen.

How to withdraw winnings from JetX

You can choose between two types of withdrawal, automatic or manual. If you choose automatic withdrawal, you can set a target multiplier to automatically end the game where you want. However, if the plane crashes before then, you will lose your money. This is convenient because it makes the game easier to play without any hassle and you can reach your winnings faster.

In manual withdrawal where you go to the 'withdrawals' tab on the page and choose which way you want to use to get your money.

The best strategies for playing JetX

So what is the best strategy for playing JetX? In general, you can say that it is to be patient and to withdraw your money early. It's also smart to use automatic withdrawals as this minimises your losses in case the plane crashes.

If you prefer to play with a budget level, you can for example bet 0.1 Euro on your game. If you withdraw the money early, you will win four times the money and have 0.4 Euros more to play for next time.

Medium risk strategy

This strategy is quite popular among JetX players. First, you need to set up an automatic withdrawal. Then you have to place a big bet on a low multiplier and a smaller bet on a high multiplier.

This action plan has two objectives. The first is to use high stakes sparingly in the hope of making consistent profits and maintaining a robust bankroll. The goal of low stakes is to increase the bankroll by using high multipliers.

Fast money strategy

Volatile betting is another option to consider. Here, try to bet more than you normally would and withdraw money when the multiplier is low. The goal is to generate consistent wins and cash out from the casino when you have accumulated enough money. Keep in mind that the minimum JetX multiplier is x1.35.

JetX Betting Tips

  • Keep an eye on other JetX players

It is always a good idea to see what moves the other players are making. Some players will be more conservative in their bets and overall experience, while others will be more carefree as they let the automatic withdrawal handle things. You should always do what makes you feel comfortable and confident, but it can't hurt to take a look at how other people play JetX in casinos to get some ideas on how to approach the game.

  • Try the free variant first

Before you put any money down, we recommend trying out the JetX demo version. That way, you can get comfortable with the layout, the betting options available to you, and everything else about the casino. You will want to practice withdrawing, so that you are comfortable doing so. With the demo version of JetX, you can practice playing with demo tokens (DMO) without losing or risking any real money.

  • Take care of your budget

JetX players usually sit tight for as long as they can in the hope of winning the most money. However, remember that Jet's explosion is possible at any time after takeoff. When participating in any kind of crash game, you must always keep your personal risk tolerance in mind. If everything went perfectly, the Jet would keep going until you reached your destination. However, the JetX game is not like this. To maximise your returns, withdraw only when the time is right, even if it means accumulating a smaller initial profit.

  • Use the automatic withdrawals feature

When Jet reaches your desired win level, the game will automatically withdraw money for you. If the plane crashes before reaching your target, the casino will not automatically pay out. So set your target and bankroll accordingly.

Do I need to download the JetX game?

One of the great things about playing JetX is that you don't need to download the game to play it. All you have to do is visit the casino's website to start playing. First, of course, you have to register an account, which you do directly in the browser. You can play on your phone, iPad and on your laptop if you prefer.

How do I check the integrity of the JetX game?

To check that the game was played correctly, at the end of each game you can check its integrity. You do this by decrypting the sequence of the game and checking that everything has been done correctly. There is an automatic button to do this in the game which makes it easy for you.

Summary of the JetX game

It is well worth it for all players who are interested in a casino game that is revolutionising the market and where you have the chance to get quick returns with a bit of luck and using a strategy that you prefer. The speed of the game and the fact that you can finish quickly is another reason to give it a try.